EMCOSU: Elaboration of Key Economic Strategies and Economic Sectors

Product Description
Developed as a part of the EMCOSU (Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organisations and Universities) project, involving University and Enterprise partners from six European countries, this publication presents the results of an initial investigation into economic strategies, at national and European levels, in which University-Business Cooperation (UBC) is confirmed as a priority. Initial reflections centre on broader EU development strategies (Europe 2020, Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education) alongside distinct policies, strategies and development goals in five partner countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. In each case, priority sectors and emerging industries are also confirmed with a view to highlighting the need for continuing UBC in these fields. Finally, the report goes on to highlight a small number of examples of confirmed best practice, in UBC, in each of the five contributing countries.
Needs, Context and Use
Whilst the original data set centres predominantly on five European countries, the overall ambition of the report is clear are there a number of core messages and strategies at European level that extend beyond the initial geographical reach. Conclusions are wholly valid for the five targeted countries although it is probable that future use would require that national and European policies and strategies each be updated. For those considering a similar exercise in the future, with a view to confirming the strategic importance of UBC, the approach is easily replicated. The report is arguably most useful for those trying to instil a culture of UBC at systems-level or institutional level, or for those wishing to redirect existing practices to new or emerging sectors or industries. The report exists in English only.