Work-based Learning: Combining Work and Learning

Work-based Learning: Meeting Labour Market Needs

Work-based Learning: Turning Theory into Practice

Work-based Learning: Developing Skills for Jobs

About the Work-based Learning TOOLKIT:

The Work-based Learning TOOLKIT provides a single platform for the promotion of identified products, approaches and tools in addition to confirming the reach, users, benefits and state-of-play of work-based learning in Europe.The TOOLKIT is one of the core outputs of the Network Work Based Learning and Apprenticeships known as NetWBL. More information:


NetWBL was a network of 29 National agencies, each responsible for delivering decentralised actions of the Erasmus+ programme, which was coordinated by the German National Agency at BIBB. Network operations were funded directly by the European Commission and centre on the identification and promotion of good or interesting practices and products relevant to the development and delivery of work-based learning.