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European Competence Matrix "Mentor"

Competence Matrix

The European Competence Matrix for Mentors lists the core knowledge, skills and competences that should be held by company mentors working to provide work-based learning experiences for new or existing staff or learners.

WBLIC: A Framework for Good Practice

Good Practice Guide / Catalogue

As a result of the WBLIC (Work Based Learning as an Integrated Curriculum) project, a set of guidelines, and indicative principles and practices, were developed with a view to raising awareness of the concept and importance of Work Based Learning (WBL), further informing the development of an integrated WBL curriculum for use in the Higher Education sector.

International Approaches to Entrepreneurship (eBook)


The Interate 2012 e-book brings forth the experiences gained by partners during delivery of the “International Approaches to Entrepreneurship” Erasmus Intensive Programme, presenting both course content as well as an overview of programme management, planning and delivery actions.

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