European Competence Matrix "Mentor"

Competence Matrix
Educational Field(s):
Vocational Education and Training
Core Theme:
Capacity-building among Teachers and Trainers
Target Group(s):
Teachers and Trainers (Education and Training)
Trainers and Mentors in the Workplace
Career Guidance and Counselling Services
Economic Sector(s):
Not specific to any particular sector
Product Description

The European Competence Matrix for Mentors lists the core knowledge, skills and competences that should be held by company mentors working to provide work-based learning experiences for new or existing staff or learners. Targeting alignment with international standards (ISO) and positioned at level 5 of the European Qualification Framework (EQF), a series of 6 sub-units come together in the European Competence Matrix, centred on the following core topics: develop good relationships with learners in the mentoring process; coordinate with and support the tutor; plan, negotiate and implement the learner’s workplace learning programme; support and encourage the learner in the workplace; monitor progress and provide feedback in the workplace; and evaluate the learning process (and own contribution to it).

Needs, Context and Use

Responding to a need for modernisation and considering what the most important learning outcomes should be for mentors working to deliver workplace and work-based learning, the European Competence Matrix provides an excellent starting point for companies wishing to develop or align existing staff profiles where learning delivery might be involved. The European Competence Matrix could as easily be used by companies or organisations considering course or curriculum development as a response to identified training needs among new or existing personnel.

Co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union