International Approaches to Entrepreneurship (eBook)

Educational Field(s):
Higher Education
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Teachers and Trainers (Education and Training)
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Not specific to any particular sector
Product Description

The Interate 2012 e-book brings forth the experiences gained by partners during delivery of the “International Approaches to Entrepreneurship” Erasmus Intensive Programme, presenting both course content as well as an overview of programme management, planning and delivery actions. The Intensive Programme was designed to develop the skills needed for successful entrepreneurship, among participants, and relied an intercultural and multidisciplinary approach that centred on real-world business practice. Teachers and entrepreneurs from 6 European countries (BE, ES, FI, HU, LT and PL) created programme content enabling student participants to focus on business-oriented scenarios covering topics such as: management and project management; presentation skills; creative problem solving; and effective teamwork with a focus on intercultural differences.

Needs, Context and Use

The Interate 2012 e-book, presents both partner and participant experiences tied to delivery of the Erasmus Intensive Programme “International Approaches to Entrepreneurship”. Centred on a series of articles, with models and examples embedded, the publication provides useful data and aims to guide higher education institutions (and others) wishing to organise similar multicultural training programmes, or programmes that centred on real-life business scenarios, in the future. Notably useful, from the perspective of past participants, was the time given to role play and business simulation with students tasked with finding solutions to real-world business problems.

Co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union