European Qualification Profile for Learning Mentors

Competence Matrix
Educational Field(s):
Vocational Education and Training
Core Theme:
Information and Communication
Capacity-building among Teachers and Trainers
Target Group(s):
Trainers and Mentors in the Workplace
Product Description

Building on initial activities in which partners from six countries confirmed the required competences for an in-company learning mentor, a single profile was produced by “Learning Mentor” partners in which a series of learning outcomes are brought together at EQF Level 5. A total of 7 learning outcomes are described in the resultant profile, taking the form of knowledge, skills and competences, and include: to understand the role and function of a learning mentor; to evaluate the company’s practice; to identify the learning needs; to know the methods used in adult education; to communicate, promote and persuade in a variety of settings in the context of lifelong learning; to identify and compile the training and learning resources; and, to evaluate learning processes.

Needs, Context and Use

The profile is relevant to those considering the creation of an in-company learning mentor role, profile or position, and will equally serve those considering the development of a bespoke programme or course of training for those tasked with such responsibilities. Notably, the profile that was developed in the “Learning Mentor” project was based on the existing model of “Union Learning Representatives” that exists in the UK and Ireland. Through reflecting on the described knowledge, skills and competences, human resources staff (and those already operating as workplace mentors) can benefit from an increased understanding of the range and depth of tasks and responsibilities to be undertaken.

Co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union