Donnerstag 17. August 2017

TrainCom Information and Learning Platform

Web Platform
Educational Field(s):
Vocational Education and Training
Core Theme:
Target Group(s):
Management (Education and Training)
Teachers and Trainers (Education and Training)
Trainers and Mentors in the Workplace
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Product Description

The TrainCom Information and Learning Platform was developed by partners in six European countries, and provides information and inspiration to VET teachers, trainers and assessors engaged in developing or redesigning training programmes with a view to securing a stronger focus on work-based competency. The learning platform centres on five distinct topics relating to competency-based VET, or CBVET, namely: planning and organising CBVET (1), implementing work-based learning (2), monitoring and documenting learning outcomes (3), competency assessment (4) and learning support and guidance (5). Each topic comprises a sub-series of material and information with practical steps for the implementation of CBVET confirmed alongside quality indicators and with a number of useful instruments and examples of good practice also able to be accessed.

Needs, Context and Use

The rationale for platform (and materials) development is rooted in the need for VET teachers, trainers and assessors to increasingly focus on quality-assured provision targeted learning outcomes that are both competence-based and relevant to the labour market. Hosted materials centre on the potential problems in delivery, confirming areas for improvement and bringing forth examples of good practice and practical tools for the continuing development of work-based VET. There are no obvious pre-conditions for use of the platform. Access is provided in 5 European languages.

Co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union